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walkingincircles The circle of death

6 Aug 2018 by Sharna Sammy
Have you experienced team discussions or meetings going round and round in circles - with no real outcome - only to be repeated again and again? Sharna Sammy, Scrum Master at KRS, likes to call this The Circle of Death and has four helpful tips to avoid this situation. [...]

Agile Retro Creating a More Meaningful Retrospective

14 May 2018 by Lisa Jacobus
Balancing both qualitative (focusing on the feelings of the team) and quantitative (data driven) discussions helped us to maximize the value we were getting out of our retrospectives. [...]

A McMuffin and some collaboration please: Lessons learnt in international communication

10 Apr 2014 by Liaan Booysen
In the last couple of years the world has become smaller, with cheap stable internet widely available there are no real excuses left not to explore international collaboration. [...]

superheroes1 The Parallel Theory…

21 Dec 2012 by Illana Graff
Life at KRS and its similarities with The Big Bang Theory. [...]