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Great people create great ideas

We believe in people. Training, workshops and social events are a vital part of our culture.



What's it like to work at KRS?

As you enter the office, the cats Gracie and Pixel will be purring at your feet begging for a snack or some milk. The kitchen is abuzz with laughter as people get their morning cups of coffee and catch up on their weekends’ shenanigans. Fresh fruit is available so that you feel better about all the takeout you consumed over the weekend. Our kitchen staff are getting ready to provide us with a wholesome lunch. We have a special home away from home here, each team has their own quirks and special rituals.

Join our internship Bootcamp

Are you an IT graduate or currently an IT intern with a passion for developing great software? If so, our 7-week, paid internship Bootcamp is a fast track to becoming a Junior Developer.

We take on 12 interns at the start of each year, pay a generous stipend and supply awesome free lunches, and put you through the most intensive, fun, team training imaginable!

What sets it apart?

Our internship is designed to take people with a flair for software development, and bridge what they learned at college or university with what the commercial world needs.

Upon completion of the programme, successful Interns will be assisted to find employment within KRS or one of the many companies who provide interview opportunities to our graduates.


Applicants must:

  • Have a strong passion for coding
  • Be in possession of a Matric Qualification and a completed IT-related Degree, Diploma or Certificate from a recognized Institute with an above-average academic record
  • Have programming experience in C# or Java
  • Be able to work independently and within a team
  • Reside in Cape Town for the duration of the course at their own expense
  • Be South African citizens or have a valid South African work permit
  • Preference will be given to EE/AA candidates


Interns from 2017

The Details


The course starts mid-January and runs into early March each year.

What it includes

We pay a stipend of R1000 per week, and supply full cooked lunches each day.

The programme is facilitated by a team of Senior Developers, Trainers and Architects who will provide you with weekly feedback on your progress.

Our projects are run according to Agile principles, so you will learn about Scrum, Extreme Programming, Test-driven development (TDD), Databases, Domain driven design (DDD), Single-page Web Apps (SPAs), JavaScript and much more.

The programme is full-time and interns are expected to work a full day, five days a week.

All interns will obtain a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the Internship.


The course is run at the KRS House in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa.

Applications are currently closed.

This internship has really opened up my eyes to how the real world works with regards to Software Development. It has been a great learning experience for me that I will never forget and I am grateful for - Rihan

Thank you for an amazing opportunity to learn and grow - Mihlali

The 7 weeks here were more insightful than a full year at tertiary education - Justin