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What's it like to work at KRS?

KRS office life

Our Offices

KRS is not your average IT company. As you enter the office, the cats Gracie and Pixel will be purring at your feet begging for a snack or some milk. The kitchen is abuzz with laughter as people get their morning cups of coffee and catch up on their weekends’ shenanigans.

Feeling peckish? Fresh fruit is available so that you feel better about all the takeout you consumed over the weekend. Our kitchen staff are getting ready to provide us with a wholesome lunch.

We are all results driven so we work hard, but we also find time to have fun – whether hanging by the pool, having a braai or going out to celebrate achievements. We have a special home away from home here, each team has their own quirks and special rituals.

At work at KRS

Our Ethos

Great people create great ideas. We believe in people. Training, workshops and social events are a vital part of our culture.

Team Outing

Our Energy

Teams enjoy regular "happy chappy" outings of their choice, from surf lessons at Muizenberg to pizza and beers at Forries.

Join our internship Bootcamp

Are you an IT graduate or currently an IT intern with a passion for developing great software? If so, our 7-week, paid internship Bootcamp is a fast track to becoming a Junior Developer.

We take on 12 interns at the start of each year, pay a generous stipend and supply awesome free lunches, and put you through the most intensive, fun, team training imaginable!

What sets it apart?

Our internship is designed to take people with a flair for software development, and bridge what they learned at college or university with what the commercial world needs.

Upon completion of the programme, successful Interns will be assisted to find employment within KRS or one of the many companies who provide interview opportunities to our graduates.

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"This internship opened my eyes to how the real world of software development works. It has been a great learning experience that I will never forget"

Rihan, 2018 intern

"Thank you for an amazing opportunity to learn and grow"

Mihlali, 2016 intern

"The 7 weeks here were more insightful than a full year at tertiary education"

Justin, 2018 intern