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8 Aug 2018

Go Small

Agile, for me, means "go small". Break each part down, smaller, smaller, smaller. From stories, to tests and methods, and check-ins, deployments, everything. Stop talking about scale meaning bigger, and work at "small". [...]

6 Aug 2018

Virgin Active Red website ranked among top Sitefinity projects

KRS is proud to announce that the new Virgin Active Red website implemented by our Sitefinity team was recognized in the top 5 websites of the quarter by Progress. [...]

6 Aug 2018

The circle of death

Have you experienced team discussions or meetings going round and round in circles - with no real outcome - only to be repeated again and again? Sharna Sammy, Scrum Master at KRS, likes to call this The Circle of Death and has four helpful tips to avoid this situation. [...]


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