Debtors Management Systems

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business software is taking care of your debtors and collections.

Better cash flow is as simple as having software solutions that handle debtors better.

You work hard to make your business a success so why give bad debtors a chance to ruin it? Talk to us about how we can develop and integrate debtors modules for your business management software so that you never have to lose sleep over bad debt again.

Did you know that managing your debtors’ data could be so simple?

With the right business software and a well-designed and easy-to-use interface, getting all the information you need on your debtors is quick and analysing that data is simple. We make the Debtors module the cornerstone of many of our application developments so that your business management software is doing all that it can for your business.

Because we know debtors we have created Debtors Modules that are extremely flexible and easy to integrate with your other business management software. Our Debtors business software is designed to help your business handle Debtors better.


  • Debtors Searching – enquiries by account number, name and surname, delivery and postal address details. Debtors’ enquiries provide both summary and detailed transactional information as well as client purchase history.
  • Real-time Debtors balance control including deposits tracking, invoicing, repetitive (contract) billing, payments, adjustments (journals), and account transactions history.
  • Automatic arrears interest calculation on overdue accounts.
  • Automatic tax calculation.
  • Account ageing.
  • Credit limit control and payment terms management.
  • Comprehensive Reporting capability.
  • Customisable Statements.
  • Debit Orders processing.
  • Full Debt Collections processing including dunning activities and automatic account status updates.
  • Attorney Handover capabilities.
  • Diary and Memo entry.
  • Document management.
  • Comprehensive audit trail capabilities as well as full security management to ensure that sensitive information is protected and functions are only performed by those with the rights to do so.