When Text-to-Columns Fails

A functional Van der Merwe story In a column of full names containing first, middle and last names, Excel’s Text-To-Columnsfunction fails with last names like “van der Merwe”. To get around this, using Names Manager, we’ll create our own text functions standing on the broad shoulders of some text functions already available in Excel: FIND, [...]

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Excel Tip: Forms & Protection

Forms & Protection Sometimes we need to create form-like sheets in a workbook, for example where user input is wanted. Presenting a plain grid is bland. Usually cell colouring results in a more attractive form, e.g. Here is an approach to creating a sheet that behaves like a form, using cell protection: Create a form [...]

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Excel: Three new functions in 2013

Excel 2013: three new functions DAYS() Date arithmetic is nothing new in Excel, but this function is new to Excel 2013. Previously one had to use a formula like “=B1-A1” where B1 would contain the later date, A1 the earlier date. Typing “=DAYS(“ in a cell, you are prompted with “end_date,start_date”), for the formula =DAYS(B1;A1) [...]

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Excel: Flash Fill

Of all the new features in Excel 2013, the biggest time saver for me is Flash Fill. It’s like Text to Columns on steroids: The example shows a list of Surname/Name pairs, separated by comma. To change them to Name/Surname (without a comma), just type an example of the output you want in the top [...]

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