Job Shadowing at KRS

In anticipation of our next Software Development Internship programme for 2017, we have started offering I.T students interested in coding an opportunity to come and spend a day with us to experience our company culture. The KRS Job Shadowing program is an opportunity for graduates to gain first-hand, real-world knowledge of a possible career path by engaging in [...]

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When Text-to-Columns Fails

A functional Van der Merwe story In a column of full names containing first, middle and last names, Excel’s Text-To-Columnsfunction fails with last names like “van der Merwe”. To get around this, using Names Manager, we’ll create our own text functions standing on the broad shoulders of some text functions already available in Excel: FIND, [...]

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Product Owner Unicorns

Product Owners are critical in an Agile team: they are the primary link between business and developers. The concept of Product Owners is awesome - as awesome as the idea of unicorns, and perhaps as unattainable. Scrum defines a Product Owner as “representing the customer's interest in backlog prioritization and requirements questions. This person must [...]

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KRS Internship Programme 2016

January welcomed 14 bright new minds into the KRS family with the commencement of our 2016 internship programme. The biggest intake to date, these young men and women come from across the country to be on our intense boot-camp over a seven-week period. Bridging the gap between tertiary education and what is required ‘on the [...]

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